Shape Up

Hey guys!

Happy February to you all! Hope everyone is safe, warm and cozy. The weather in NYC has been crazy but nothing we can't handle.  Before the second storm hit, I was able to go to my bi-weekly appointment at Anastasia Brow Studio.  Anyone that knows me knows that my eyebrows are very important to me. And I am not a high maintenance person by any means.. Think about it though, eyebrows shape the entire face. Seriously I can be having the worst day but when I go get my eyebrows done, I feel better.

For those of you not familiar with Anastasia Brow Studio, founder Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert. Soare, has developed her own unique method of shaping eyebrows and has an impressive roster of celebrity clients, which includes: Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Naomi Campbell.  Anastasia Brow Studio opened it's first location in 1997, then migrated to the east-coast partnering up with Sephora locations.

The left shows my eyebrows untouched, the right shows my eyebrows after going to Anastasia Brow Studio.  As you can see, the different obvious.  Thanks, Hasije!


I asked the team at Anastasia after my appointment their insight on how to get amazing eyebrows. Follow these 5 simple steps.

1) Follow the Anastasia eyebrow stencils and figure out which ones work for you according to your brow structure.

2) Fill eyebrows in with Anastasia Brow Powder.


3) Wax around the eyebrows, and tweeze to shape and define.


4) Highlight the brow bone.

5) Set with brow gel.

Do not try to achieve your favorite celebrities eyebrow look. Go with your own eyebrow shape, and that way you will look your best. Eyebrows frame the face. Do not over pluck. If you find that you have over plucked as a teen, you can use Anastasia's brow enchanting serum, which stimulates hair growth.

Another great tool is the Beauty Express kit, it includes a brush, wax, powder, and 5 stencils to choose from. I LIVE BY THIS.  It’s a must for when you don’t have time to get your eyebrows done, or a hot date comes up, a business trip anything. 

If you have kick ass eyebrows you will truly run the world.

Purchase the stencils and brow powder at: .  If you are in NYC you can visit Anastasia Brow Studio, at Sephora located on 48th and 5th avenue. To make an appointment, call 212-980-6534.