Into The Mind: Leather & Lace

Happy June people! We are halfway into the year and 3 weeks into summer. I can't wait to bake on the beach, catch a free film at Bryant Park, and run through the sprinklers with my niece's and nephew's! 

So why am I in a leather and lace mood then? The materials do scream fall and winter for many but not me! I guess one reason is because I have been listening to Stevie Nicks' Bella Donna album a lot. She's so rad, my favorite song from the album Leather and Lace. The lyrics are raw, the melody so simple, they don't make songs much less love songs like that anymore, what a shame!

My latest "Into The Mind" set has me in a leather and lace mood for work. I have been running around like Olivia Pope lately for work and want to upgrade my work attire yet be whimsical at the same time hence the Nike's and silk comic tee.  Breaking up the black and white with gold jewelry has always been a personal fav to keep the outfit feminine and warm. 

While I am working on a new work wardrobe update, what are you guys getting into at the start of June? Do tell!