Hello peeps been a while hasn’t it?! Be on the look out for a Cosplay post later today!  I rarely post twice in one day but figured one post should be light since I haven’t been on the blog in a very long time!

Strong quote isn’t it? I found that quote a day before a weird incident that happened to me that I thought I should share with my readers. I already shared it on my personal FB page and it turned into “The View” by accident.

I have an awesome coffee shop near me.  It was like any other day: I go in, speak with the barista.  We chat about things going on, I get my cappuccino then start to leave.  Well “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac happened to be on and then it went straight to “The world is Yours” by Nas. Very different (haha) but that is what I and a lot of people like about the coffee shop.  Music is Music. The barista joked it was on shuffle and we start to chat again.   I bring up Nas’ iconic “Illmatic” Album and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumors” album.  A man he behind me happens to say “You know a lot of music… for a black girl.” 

I flashed a big smile and said “I’m a black woman, what’s so wrong with liking different music”.  The guy did try to clean it up realizing he said something that was very irrelevant to say.  I finished by saying “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover ace”. He got his coffee and left, I got my coffee and did the same.  At that point, I just had to post it on FB and didn’t realize I started a conversation, a conversation that ties into judgments and perceptions.

“For a black girl” it’s something I heard before in college, internships, etc. that tied into being intelligent, my appearance and even the way I talk. According to society women of color are not suppose to be well rounded but more set in the urban culture that is seen in the media.  I’m grateful I had parents and siblings that made me the well-rounded person I am today.  

I know a lot of black women that are just if not more well-rounded than me.   Sadly though even within the black culture there were times I was called “white” or an “Oreo” cause of what I said, my music taste, and how I conducted myself.

It made me think about perceptions that we have of one another that also include gender, subculture, and sexual orientation.  At some point we all have been guilty of it; maybe not as open as the man in the coffee shop ( lol )  but we all have been guilty of it, me included. I work hard not to be and make an effort to get to know anyone I come in contact with and not judge them by their skin color, job, article of clothing, whatever. 

With social media, Google Glass, IPhone’s, and Apple Watches we are connected but then again, are we? We still deal with the same old school stereotypes and it’s a shame since we have more resources that make us more connected and thus should teach us we are not so different after all.  Hopefully this post will make some rethink before they judge that would be a rad start for change.