Into The Mind: Mustard Yellow

Hey Peeps!

How was your weekend! My weekend was rad, went to Afropunk Saturday and my cousin's anniversary party.  Check out my IG for pics!

This week marks the last week of summer, then it's back to school and work for many.  For a lot of us it also means the start of Fall 15 shopping (woo hoo).  Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm excited to wear my scarves, leather jackets and knee high boots real soon!

I have been seeing a ton of mustard yellow, I'm digging it. Years ago, this color made people cringe haha. Now with 70s fashion coming back, the color is becoming that pop of color staple. Mustard Yellow doesn't scream out Spongebob, it's actually more understated. I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and will give mustard yellow a try in the months to come. Combining this color with my grey's and blacks will be a blast! I love how the color is included in the Zimmermann Blouse below (yes that will be mine this fall) isn't it lovely? 

New season also means start a new book! My friend Jeannine recommended "Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. I was looking for a psychological thriller that makes me escape reality when I'm at the gym haha.  Girl on the Train is a NY Times best seller, Dreamworks brought the rights to the movie last year so we will be seeing it on the big screen!   

How is everyone else spending their last week of summer? Excited for fall?