Post holiday gratitude :)

Christmas this year was rad as usual! My family and I usually head to my sister Katika's house uptown!! Laughs were had, mulled wine was served, and our bellies were full with joy!


After dinner dessert included espresso, carrot cake, cookies, and panettone bread soaked in Grand Marnier liquor! #yum!


Then the moment we all were waiting for....THE PRESENTS 😂 I got a kick seeing my niece squeal with excitement over the headbands I got for her (that's her thing). I was so grateful and super stoked at the lovely gifts I received this season.


As you can see the theme was fashion meets nerd meets self care. 2016 was a year that I am fortunate to say that I have grown a lot both personally and professionally. And lol with these gifts in my arsenal, 2017 will be much more amazing!

Grateful for the fun I had this weekend! How was everyone else's holiday? #dotell 😉🤘🏾💁🏾