To be Adorned

If having a piercing was once an in your face scream, the new vogue is a whisper.  

I recently took the “plunge” and got new ear piercings.   

I recently took the “plunge” and got new ear piercings.   

In 2016, multiple piercings feel modern, well for me that is the reason why I got them. I wanted a modern update.  A mix between feminine (dainty pearls and studs) and tough (piercing’s are classic bad ass no?).  It fits my style perfectly, as I wear maxi dresses but I would rock it with a leather motorcycle jacket.  Being a publicist and working events I can't have a piercing on my nose, lip etc., it's frankly not my style at this point of my life.  Multiple ear piercings has a sophisticated and ladylike appeal, and totally office appropriate to boot!  It’s all about personal mementos and secret little jewels.

I recently fully healed from my piercings now I am in the hunt to take it a step further… in a subtle way lol. For a long time, multiple piercings was something out of the ordinary, but jewelry design is catching up with refined, simple, high-quality-pieces. Jewelry designers like Love Adorned, Catbird, Blanca Monrós Gómez, and Ginette NY are catering to the delicate aesthetic, with slim hoops and tiny studs or bars in precious gems.  I’m personally thinking rose gold or black diamonds. Check out my board!

What are you guys doing to give yourselves a modern update in time for summer?