Orlando Recap #1: A day at the OMA

Hi guys!

Last month, I took a much-needed vacay with my family to Orlando, Florida. I haven’t been to Orlando since I was a kid. My sister used to dress Akua and I alike in the same outfit courtesy of Gap Kids.  After a long day at the parks, a baby sitter from the Disney resort we would stay at would come to watch us while the adults went to Pleasure Island (those who don't know it was a part at Disney devoted to the adults).... lol I remember Akua and I would fantasize about growing up and being able to go to do the more of the adult activities Disney offered. Fast forward to 2016, we acted like big kids ha ha!

Our first stop was the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA). OMA is located near other Orlando cultural gems in beautiful Lockhaven Park, like the Shakespeare Theater and Science Center and there are many great spots for picnicking outside.  The inside of the museum is much larger than it appears to be from the outside and they have many "photo friendly" (but with no flash) exhibits.

The striking 20-foot tall Dale Chihuly's contemporary glass sculpture greeted us when we entered:

My nephews got a kick out of “Waves” by Matt Roberts.  “Waves” is a real-time single channel video installation. This artwork responds to the current size and timing of the waves of the closet ocean of its current location. These sound waves shake a bowl of water sitting on top of a speaker. This shaking produces wave patterns in the bowl that are captured by a video camera modified by the software and projected onto a wall. As the waves in the ocean change size and frequency the waves in the bowl will also change. This results in continuous variations of the shapes and patterns that one sees and hears which also reflects the constant changing conditions of the ocean.

The exhibition that caught our eye the most was The Florida Prize in Contemporary Art (opened from May 13th-August 28th). The initiative brings to the state’s most progressive artists to OMA. These artists worked in a range of media and artistic practices: using technology, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs, plywood and graphite.

The Ipad set up was easy to navigate and the staff was super friendly!  We actually had the opportunity to meet one of the subjects of the Michael Vasquez exhibit:

Michael Vasquez’ paintings present the society in which he grew up – misguided youth trying to find themselves. Often set within the landscape of street life and gang affiliation, Vasquez’ subjects search for acceptance and belonging.

My fav was Noelle Mason’s exhibit titled “Love Letters/White Flag: The Book of God + Through A Glass, Darkly (Spring Cleaning).

Other exhibits at OMA included: My Friend: Eric Rohmann and A Trek from North to South

After the museum we went for a much-needed Starbucks run ha ha! This is the first of three posts; I am doing recapping my trip! Stay tuned!