Yves Saint Laurent returns to Couture!

Major news for the fashion industry: Yves Saint Laurent is returning to couture. Repeat this is MAJOR! 

Yves Saint Laurent, hasn't made a couture collection since YSL himself produced his 200th and final show in 2002.  The French fashion house confirmed that it will start to produce couture pieces, under the direction of current creative director, Hedi Slimane. How exciting is this, there will be no show either. I love a brand that is so cool they don't need a show. It shows they are more devoted to investing the time to design and construction then a show.  I mean basically design and construction is what couture is all about in the first place. Well played!

To celebrate I found the best YSL moments to share with you lovely people, I can't wait to see who will be wearing the couture line:

It's nice to see a fashion brand actually be devoted to the art of it all! Bravo!