I see spots

The classic leopard print has been a must have in my closet. It's been such an easy choice when your outfit needs a little something extra, plus, with the right styling, you can wear it anywhere.  

I have been a fan for years, I mean Catwoman is one of muses haha, def a no brainer.... Here are few snaps:


Best of all, the print can be incorporated into most looks.  Don't think it's just a fall staple, it can actually be worn on the summer too. Check out my favorite picks: 

I upped my leopard game by purchasing these babies by Giuseppe Zanotti. I got them at Eleven C Boutique in Park Slope, which is seriously one of the best designer consignment shops in the city.   It was a mix of Birthday/graduation/you really deserve these shoes Kos 😂.  Stoked to rock them for summer and beyond!

Does anyone else have their "go to" print/style? Please share!



Summer Friday

Dress: Asos, Boots:  Rag & Bone , Jacket: Vintage Levis, Choker:  Bree Lyane   Photography by  Simone Hamilton   Make Up:  Faces by Brie

Dress: Asos, Boots: Rag & Bone, Jacket: Vintage Levis, Choker: Bree Lyane

Photography by Simone Hamilton

Make Up: Faces by Brie

Summer Friday's for me are usually about running errands and meeting with potential clients (being a PR gal and all).  Since my friend's tell me plans at the last minute, I make it a point to wear outfits that are comfortable enough to run errands yet appropriate for a rooftop happy hour, slip dresses such as the one I am wearing from Asos are fantastic for that!  This amazing denim jacket purchased at The Vintage Twin is killer, I love the wash as it is great for summer and fall! As I get older I want LESS items in my closet, so having three denim jackets three different shades doesn't really excite me anymore.  

When I brought the jacket it reminded me of a 70s vibe, don't ask me why.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to loads of Hendrix and The Stone’s “Exile on Mainstreet”. I like dancing in my front of the mirror giving my best Hendrix air guitar. 

It's the first outfit post in a while, I'm doing much more this summer! Thanks Simone for the rad shots!