Into The Mind: Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday is one of my favorite movies ever! In the film, Audrey Hepburn takes on the role of Princess Ann, a modern-day princess who feels suffocated and controlled by her royal duties and decides to escape her responsibilities for a day by traveling Rome on her own she meets a handsome reporter on the way and sh*t gets cray!


The outfit I found to be most interesting in this film was the simple outfit, consisting of a plain white blouse paired with a full circle skirt, that Hepburn wore for majority of the film during her tour of Rome. Throughout the film, Princess Ann meddles and plays around with her outfit, changing her look through minor touches; such as by adding a neck scarf, by folding her sleeves, and in a more blatant declaration of her rebellion, even by cutting her hair short. I feel that this costume exemplifies the power of self-expression as it demonstrates how despite her restraints at being told what to wear and how to behave and who to be around.  Hepburnā€™s character finds a way to bring her own personality and flair to her outfit, and in doing so, reinforces her individuality and independence.  I totally dig it! Check out a few pieces to create your very own "Roman Holiday" look:

One of my favorite scenes is the vespa scene, it's so playful and fun check it out:

Flashback to November 2017's shoot when we randomly found a Vespa, I think it was the universe's way of bringing my favorite movie to life in my own way! Thank you!


Check out Roman Holiday, you won't be disappointed! The story, styling, cinematography is beautiful! 



Into The Mind: Kos' Holiday 2015 wish list

Happy Monday peeps!

It's 12 more days will Christmas! I am getting into the spirit OD'ing on Gingerbread Lattes, Xmas music and planning holiday dinners with dear friends.  Also signed up to do volunteer work! Tis the season :)

I have been super duper NICE this year! And my list reflects that ha ha!  M Train by Patti Smith is fantastic! I have the book on my Ipad now I want the hard copy, it's a must to have for anyone who is a fan of her's!  The bat eye mask: I need sleep, bottom line. Working harder at unplugging early evening to get a good night's sleep.  Serpent earrings from Catbird: Love snake jewelry + Catbird in Williamsburg.  Catbird is one of the best jewelry stores in the city!  Burberry nail polish: when I do get my nails done, I go for monochromatic colors. Tis the season as I said, why not step it up with the oxblood color! 

Behind-the-scenes spectacular of 2OO1: Space Odyssey: excellent movie, set the bar for movies in the scifi genre. Vianel's lizard skin Iphone case is 100% leather but also the comes with free personalization in gold foil stamping.   Black Leather gloves and a classic beret is my winter uniform.. if it ever becomes winter in NYC (the weather has been frightfully warm). Adding a emoji bag to my future all black everything ensembles keeps me young at heart.  Finally, January is going to be a busy month for me professionally, I wear heels for hours at a time as it is. Having a pair of fashionable foldable flats from shoe veteran Yosi Samara will bring more comfort to my feet. 


holiday gift guide 2015

Lingerie sleepwear

Yellow handbag


Parkhurst wool hat

Iphone case

Jo Malone body cleanser

Burberry nail polish
$21 -

Baby Serpent Studs

Morgan Lane Bat Eye Mask
$99 -

M Train

As I mentioned, I have been super duper nice this season. If yall see Santa direct him to this blog post ha ha? Maybe he has Twitter? Who knows! Tis the season :)

How are you guys getting into the holiday spirit? Have you been naughty or nice?



Into The Mind: Leather & Lace

Happy June people! We are halfway into the year and 3 weeks into summer. I can't wait to bake on the beach, catch a free film at Bryant Park, and run through the sprinklers with my niece's and nephew's! 

So why am I in a leather and lace mood then? The materials do scream fall and winter for many but not me! I guess one reason is because I have been listening to Stevie Nicks' Bella Donna album a lot. She's so rad, my favorite song from the album Leather and Lace. The lyrics are raw, the melody so simple, they don't make songs much less love songs like that anymore, what a shame!

My latest "Into The Mind" set has me in a leather and lace mood for work. I have been running around like Olivia Pope lately for work and want to upgrade my work attire yet be whimsical at the same time hence the Nike's and silk comic tee.  Breaking up the black and white with gold jewelry has always been a personal fav to keep the outfit feminine and warm. 

While I am working on a new work wardrobe update, what are you guys getting into at the start of June? Do tell!