Double Denim

I spent last Friday day running all around town but still managed to squeeze in a few photos! I’m obsessed with the denim on denim trend, you can never go wrong with The Gap. YUP, the denim shirt and pencil skirt are from The Gap, they do denim the best!

Hat: Nasty Gal, Top & Skirt: The Gap, Bikini top: Mara Hoffman, Shoes: Dolce Vita

Hat: Nasty Gal, Top & Skirt: The Gap, Bikini top: Mara Hoffman, Shoes: Dolce Vita

Photography by Steve Zak  

Photography by Steve Zak  

Since it was hot as (you know what) on Friday, I paired the combo with my favorite bikini top from Mara Hoffman.  The new edition to my necklace collection is from Brooklyn based brand, J. Topolski

It was rad experimenting with this outfit, I plan to take more risks in the future.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting, working on a lot of different projects, all a blast to be doing (duh, right). I’m still trying to wrap my head around things, and I'm making more of an effort to take my time with everything as a friend mentioned earlier last week. One thing is for sure, I am out of my comfort zone, and passion is the driving force for that.

The fall season will be here in a month or so... depending on if Mother Nature is happy or not. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to: leather, scarfs, velvet, beanies, and jackets! I seriously can't wait..more items to layer and experiment with! 



NYFW September 2014-Roundup Part 2

Hi guys

Fashion week has come to a close! LOL Bye Felicia! It was a blast, I was happy to attend a huge variety of shows this season from girly, rock n' roll, and everything in between!

Show 1: Mara Hoffman Spring 15

I got one picture on my phone, a phone pic doesn't give this collection justice. I was honored to be there!

I was happy I actually took a cab to this show as I heard a lot of people didn't get in due to the space being over crowded. Again, a smart phone doesn't give this collection justice. How does Mara know what I want to wear next year? That's a gift!

Mara named her Spring 15 collection "The Sunrisers,” the collection drew influence from the South-West, with modern cream colored cowboy hats, white and pastel shades.

Show #2 Sherman Preston

After Mara's show I jetted to Chelsea to check out the new men's collection from Sherman Preston.  

 Titled: COVEY, the spring 15 collection redefined the use of houndstooth, designing the timeless print into tailored pieces.  The presentation was styled by  Mitsu Tsuchiya of NYLON Magazine. Major win!


Show #3 Karolyn Pho

"VAGABOND"  was the title Karolyn Pho's sophomore collection.  The show began with a quote from Joanne Harris novel "The Girl With No Shadow": She always had that about her/that look of otherness/of eyes that see things much too far/and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world."  This off beat theme was seen in mechanic inspired jumpsuits, sequined party dresses, and white dresses styled with oversized sunglasses!

Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 15 collection was inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city.” In this densely populated city, where criminal gangs suppose the only order, one young girl is saved by the last firefighter.  I can totally dig it, the hair for this show was the best!  The sporty black and white arrangement was took me to another world, waiting for next spring ha ha!

Honorable mention:

Fashion Week is a time to celebrate the creativity of NY and it's  New Yorker's, check out the latest from CustomSocietyLLC:

That's my runway recap I am doing one more fashion week related posts on the events I've attended then it will truly be "Bye Felicia" ha ha!