Into The Mind: Spring Essentials

How's everyone's Spring so far? Mines has been rad! Re-adjusting to the extra time and having more sleep, soaking in the sun, dodging showers, planning trips, updating scripts, connecting with brands, and spending time with loved ones.  With that being said, a lot has been on my mind,  and I'm looking forward to the following Spring essentials to get me though spring! Aviators with a pop of color, the new Kendrick Lamar album #fire btw, upping my health/beauty game and partnering up with a boxing class (post on that in the next month!).

I'm stoked for this white denim jacket by Edit, I can tell that will be my staple that will stay with me until September.  White denim used to scare the #bleep out of me but there is something very modern, crisp, and clean about the color white.  I think it's the New Yorker's solution from wearing black in the summer but hesitant to wearing color (points to self) white offers a solution and balance.

Speaking of "balance" who saw the new Star Wars trailer?! LIT! My niece Akua attended celebration this past weekend in Orlando and snapped the BB8 bookbag from Loungefly (thanks Qui). Their entire Star Wars collection #nails it!  The BB8 bookbag will be my weekend bag for sure!

I am a die hard Bob's Burgers fan! One of my favorite meme's is Tina Belcher dressed up as Queen Bey. To see that Funko created a figurine based on it gave me so much life!  My friend's and I collect Funko's from different fandom's for years. Bey/Tina is perfect to add to the collection. 

The mules from Stuart Weitzman are an excellent investment piece! A summer shoe that can be worn work, drinks with friend's, vacation, or date night.  Heel appropriate and comfortable af (I'm about to be 33 that is more important to me than looking 6 ft tall).  

As I get order I rather save the extra $$ on accessories that can carry me into different occasions (a gal's closet is but so big! ha ha).  What I also love about mules is that you can add anklets to any outfit much easier and not have to worry about if the anklet conflicts with any hardware from the shoe.  When I was a child, I used to play with my older sisters anklets lol in the 90s everything is coming back to the 90s.

Speaking of workwear, I even considered doing a "uniform route" as I read in this Harper's Bazaar article a few years ago, heck it worked for Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. I also do work from home most so it is it something to try with the extra time...right? Nah! Who am I kidding haha, maybe create a capsule collection that consists of 5-6 items that are items to create the perfect "work" uniform.  We will see, def a rad topic to put in a post in the near future!

What is on everyone's mind nowadays? 



Leather Up

Cold today, warm tomorrow. NYC you confuse me with your cray weather, but I still love ya! It feels like every February NYC gets a rush of warm weather, than a blizzard the next day.  It can get tricky at times figuring out what to wear.

Since NYC was blessed with 60 degree weather the other day, I went to my favorite material: LEATHER.  It's a rad base to build any outfit.  And it's adaptable in semi warm or cold weather. Esp if you are meeting clients, running errands, or finally grabbing that long overdue drink with a friend.   

Vintage leather skirt purchased at  Hamlet's Vintage , Shoe:  Rag & Bone Newbury Boot , Bag: JCrew, Vest: Vintage hand-me-down from my sister, Turtleneck- White & Warren , R2D2 Necklace:  Love and Madness , Lipstick:  Smashbox Bing Matte

Vintage leather skirt purchased at Hamlet's Vintage, Shoe: Rag & Bone Newbury Boot, Bag: JCrew, Vest: Vintage hand-me-down from my sister, Turtleneck-White & Warren, R2D2 Necklace: Love and Madness, Lipstick: Smashbox Bing Matte

 A good leather skirt, leather jacket, and a knit makes the in between weather much bearable to deal with. One of my style goals this year is to build my leather wardrobe up adding a few rad neutrals: light browns and nude pinks. Leather has def become my base of choice as I get older, no fuss, makes a sexy statement in a sophisticated way! Leather Up!

Photography by  Steve Zak

Photography by Steve Zak

The vest has sentimental value, it was actually my sister's in the early 90s! It's super duper vintage and a gem :)

The vest has sentimental value, it was actually my sister's in the early 90s! It's super duper vintage and a gem :)



Into The Mind: Mustard Yellow

Hey Peeps!

How was your weekend! My weekend was rad, went to Afropunk Saturday and my cousin's anniversary party.  Check out my IG for pics!

This week marks the last week of summer, then it's back to school and work for many.  For a lot of us it also means the start of Fall 15 shopping (woo hoo).  Like I said a few weeks ago, I'm excited to wear my scarves, leather jackets and knee high boots real soon!

I have been seeing a ton of mustard yellow, I'm digging it. Years ago, this color made people cringe haha. Now with 70s fashion coming back, the color is becoming that pop of color staple. Mustard Yellow doesn't scream out Spongebob, it's actually more understated. I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and will give mustard yellow a try in the months to come. Combining this color with my grey's and blacks will be a blast! I love how the color is included in the Zimmermann Blouse below (yes that will be mine this fall) isn't it lovely? 

New season also means start a new book! My friend Jeannine recommended "Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. I was looking for a psychological thriller that makes me escape reality when I'm at the gym haha.  Girl on the Train is a NY Times best seller, Dreamworks brought the rights to the movie last year so we will be seeing it on the big screen!   

How is everyone else spending their last week of summer? Excited for fall?