Don't Call It a Comeback

There is a big DIY mindset happening…..  I’ve been noticing them worn in my neighborhood, at coffee shops, on the street, via social media, at fashion shows and comic cons  —   ENAMEL PINS


Enamel Pins, have become one of the most popular forms of self-expression.   Collecting enamel pins has grown from a hobby into a major cultural trend, and I am here for it!   It’s another way to express who you are online and off!  These pins are tradable, inexpensive to produce (for artists looking for a way to test drive their art) and purchase. Most new pins can be divided up into a few easily identified categories: punk-inspired, artist-produced, activism inspired, emoji galore, Rick and Morty characters, and pizza. There is a REALLY pin for everyone!   


Check out a few of my favs!



What I dig more about enamel pins is that it's bringing such an old fashioned activity as "collecting" fun again.  The only memory I have collecting anything besides comics were trading cards. The pins I discovered in this post were because of an Instagram post I saw, how rad is that?! Folks can discover a pin on an IG post, collect, then trade with their friend's (brining face to face interaction).

Given the NYC weather is heading to the teen digits soon, I am personally using the pins to add a little extra umph to my outerwear! How else will people know that I love fashion and comics if they don't see my IG? Ha ha!



Loveday 31: The Intimate Shopping Experience

A few weekends ago, Vickie and I went vintage shopping, not at our usual spots but in Astoria, Queens at Loveday 31 Vintage.

Walking in your greeted with the sweet mix of 90s hip-hop and 70s disco. After the music, the next thing that hits you, are vibrant colors of the shop. Color abounds at Loveday 31 Vintage, and not only on the racks but also on the painted walls. This shop has a 20th century modern feel, sans framed photos of 60s era luminaries.

Ivona Bilicic, the owner of Loveday 31 used to be a buyer for acclaimed NoHo thrift shop: Screaming Mimi’s, so she knows her stuff.  She finds all the pieces herself and doesn’t stock anything newer than about 1990, with the exception of some accessories by local artists.  Everything is in absolutely perfect condition, and the prices can’t be beat. Unlike other stores that claim they are vintage where they are just recycling clothes donated from customers.

Purses and clutches are displayed on shelves. This shelf makes me think of that scene in The September Issue where the camera pedestals up the shelf showing all the purses and shoes. You know, the scene that made you drool?

I came into Loveday, this time aiming to get a few accessories; I did achieve my goal in these rad gold frames.  They kind of remind me of something Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface would wear.  The frames are a perfect addition to any piece of outerwear (hint on upcoming #ootd post this week!)

This black and white cardigan tho! I am a cardigan fanatic! A skinny jean, sexy tank, cardigan and boots are my weekend uniform. What I love about this cozy cardigan, I can also wear it with a black or grey shift dress for work :)

Vickie rocked a few shades and scored vintage rings. Check out her post on Loveday 31 from a real estate perspective at Gousse Guidebook for Real Estate.

If you are looking to venture out for vintage, I strongly recommend Loveday 31 for an intimate shopping experience.  What better way to treat yourself then to curated vintage?

Loveday 31 is located at 33-06 31st Avenue in Astoria, Queens.

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Leather Up

Cold today, warm tomorrow. NYC you confuse me with your cray weather, but I still love ya! It feels like every February NYC gets a rush of warm weather, than a blizzard the next day.  It can get tricky at times figuring out what to wear.

Since NYC was blessed with 60 degree weather the other day, I went to my favorite material: LEATHER.  It's a rad base to build any outfit.  And it's adaptable in semi warm or cold weather. Esp if you are meeting clients, running errands, or finally grabbing that long overdue drink with a friend.   

Vintage leather skirt purchased at  Hamlet's Vintage , Shoe:  Rag & Bone Newbury Boot , Bag: JCrew, Vest: Vintage hand-me-down from my sister, Turtleneck- White & Warren , R2D2 Necklace:  Love and Madness , Lipstick:  Smashbox Bing Matte

Vintage leather skirt purchased at Hamlet's Vintage, Shoe: Rag & Bone Newbury Boot, Bag: JCrew, Vest: Vintage hand-me-down from my sister, Turtleneck-White & Warren, R2D2 Necklace: Love and Madness, Lipstick: Smashbox Bing Matte

 A good leather skirt, leather jacket, and a knit makes the in between weather much bearable to deal with. One of my style goals this year is to build my leather wardrobe up adding a few rad neutrals: light browns and nude pinks. Leather has def become my base of choice as I get older, no fuss, makes a sexy statement in a sophisticated way! Leather Up!

Photography by  Steve Zak

Photography by Steve Zak

The vest has sentimental value, it was actually my sister's in the early 90s! It's super duper vintage and a gem :)

The vest has sentimental value, it was actually my sister's in the early 90s! It's super duper vintage and a gem :)