Love Of The Knit

Knitwear for women is a long-standing classic in feminine fashion, it’s so versatile. My love of knitwear comes from my wholesale experience with Qi Cashmere, it was my first job graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology. While at QI Cashmere I was able to see the design team playing with proportions, hues and wool thickness creating knits for all tastes.

In the summer my sister who is THE KNIT expert taught me how to knit. I am in the process of finishing up my first project: A COWL (a post on that is coming when it’s finished):


The fall 2018 runway knits got me inspired months ago. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I’ve stoked to have an excuse to wear a chunky sweater!

Prabal Gurung Fall 2018

Prabal Gurung Fall 2018

BCBG 2018

BCBG 2018

Check out my favs, that will make you certainly feel comfortable and look stunning!

Occasionally, sweaters can fall victim to pilling. Taking the sweaters to the dry cleaner can be costly and also the sweaters could lose it’s shape. To minimize the trip to the dry cleaner I suggest purchasing The Wool & Cashmere Spray or Wool & Cashmere Kit from the Laundress.


Side note: The Laundress products are made with nontoxic, biodegradable and allergen-free materials. The spray in particular, works great as a natural moth repellent for closets, drawers, refreshing the scent on drawer liners, and long-term storage.


Besides knitwear what items are you stoked to rock this fall?



Kos' NYFW Fall 2015 Recap: Day 1

Hi guys!

NYC has been a tundra and only a few things can bring people out of it: NYFW.  I was pretty amazed how many people I saw in Lincoln Center, Meatpacking District.. everywhere ha ha. According to a newly released analysis by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, fashion shows, big-spending celebrity clients and lavish parties generate an annual economic impact of $887 million. 

More than 230,000 people attend the February and September shows that unveil the coming season's designs, packing into hotels and restaurants and yielding an estimated $532 million in direct visitor spending.  NYFW economic benefit tops the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament, which generates about $800 million, the 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey that generated about $550 million and the New York City Marathon that generates $340 million. Can we say, way to go for the Fashionistas ha ha!

My first day was actually a few days before NYFW officially started. Target and the CFDA celebrated their ongoing partnership and the {FASHION INCUBATOR} accessories designers’ fall 2015 collections with an intimate cocktail party in New York City.   {FASHION INCUBATOR} is a program for emerging fashion designers in New York City operated by the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America. 

Participating brands included A PEACE TREATY, Dezso by Sara Beltrán, Emanuela Duca, Gemma Redux, Grey Ant, Isa Tapia, KARA and SANG A.  "Style and design is everything to Target. Sometimes you want to celebrate that through a collaboration or everytday product and sometimes we just want to empower great design by doing things like tonight's accessory showcase" says Noria Morales, director of design partnerships for Target.

E! News Correspondent and Marie Claire Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, love her!

E! News Correspondent and Marie Claire Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, love her!

Fast-forward to a few days later and I was in the midst of NYFW madness bright and early! My first show was Mongol.  Darkness filled the stage sounds of a Mongolian morin khuur filled the speakers. A Mongolian musician, and later in the performance, a hip-hop singer, opened the Mongol Fall/Winter 2015 collection by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu with an electrifying performance. First starting with slow sounds, the music quickly transformed into a full-blown, hip-hop sound which later showed was the core inspiration behind the collection: combining old with the new.

My next stop was Zimmermann.  My love for this collection grows each season! Designer Nicky Zimmerman's inspiration was the glamorous dinner parties her parents used to host and the feeling of excitement behind the occasion.  It makes perfect sense, there is an art to dressing for the right occasion.  Fun hues such has teal and mustard made a bold statement.  The oversized geometric prints, maxi dresses, and thigh-high splits were a personal fav of mine. Zimmermann understands the modern gal. She wants to be feminine, not too edgy, but always dressed for the occasion. Well done! 

After an amazing lunch at the Standard Grill, I ended up at The Top of the Standard to view Rubin & Chappelle's Fall 2015 collection.  The city views were the perfect backdrop to a very strong collection, that took traditional Scottish references: argyles, plaid, pleats and made it modern for 2015.  The collection can be worn in LA as well as NYC.

My last stop was cashmere collection Naadam.  If you haven't heard about Naadam Cashmere, you will this year. Naadam is a socially conscious cashmere garment brand based in NYC and partnering with herders in Mongolia.  “It is about creating a high-quality product for the men and women who travel, who are passionate, who are creative and can appreciate the value here,” said cofounder Matt Scanlan.  The presentation was a work of art as candles and chandeliers lit up the space.  The models were the best cast I have seen in a show in a very long time. Each look along with the model told a story.  Effortless luxury and comfort is best to describe the Fall/Winter 2015 collection, muted colors such as grey, cream, camel were mixed with different textures and lengths. Splashes of red were a great touch. 

Photo Feb 13, 7 45 25 PM.jpg

Whew! What a day but so much fun, and it's only one week. I am grateful to get the opportunity to attend and share my experience.  Thank you! Stay tuned for more updates!