Take A Brow with DR on Demand

Hey guys 

Wow a month since I last posted, no bueno! A lot going on all good, all busy. It was so busy at one point that I didn't have time to get my eyebrows done, and they needed to be done especially for an important meeting I had the next day.  I then remembered my sister recommending DR On Demand.  DR On Demand, is a mobile service by make up artist Damone Roberts. 

Recognized by Vogue, In Style, Glamour and Elle magazine as a leading eye brow expert, Roberts's skills are known to enhance the face within minutes. When Hollywood's A-list need a perfect brow they turn to Roberts, who has been dubbed the "Eyebrow King" by Beyonce, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Madonna, Alicia Keys, and Robert Downey Jr.

With salons in Los Angeles and in NYC, Roberts now offers DR On Demand for the gal or guy who doesn't have time to go to the salon (points to self).

Products used: DR Sensitive Creamy Wax ,Filled in brows with Damone Roberts Miss Ross Brow Powder, Highlighted brows with DR Peach-For-The-Stars 

Products used: DR Sensitive Creamy Wax ,Filled in brows with Damone Roberts Miss Ross Brow Powder, Highlighted brows with DR Peach-For-The-Stars 

The picture above was an after shot of my eyebrows done by DR On Demand artist, Camille Janei Mumford. I love it! In between the waxing and plucking, I managed to ask Camille a few questions on having the perfect eyebrows for spring and career advice for aspiring make up artists:

O.C.O: What are the best tools to use to enhance your eyebrows?
C.J.M: Best tool I recommend to enhance your brows is a brow artist who is skillfully trained in achieving the prefect brow for your face! Don't just trust your brows to anyone, especially not your nail salon!

O.C.O: What is the biggest DON'T when it comes to eyebrow care in between appointments?
C.J.M: In a perfect world clients wouldn't touch their brows in between appointments. Clients can get tweezer happy and tweeze away the wrong hairs leaving brows unbalanced. For this clients who know can't resist the urge to tweeze a stray I show them what areas to avoid tweezing on their brows.

O.C.O: What powders are best to use for the spring time?
C.J.M: Best powders period are Damone Roberts's brow powders! My ideal look is a soft natural brow and anyone can easily achieve that with any shade from the collection. In the spring (or anytime really) it's fun to highlight your under brow area with more "sparkly" shades of gold (DR Gold Digger Highlighter) or silver (DR Bling Bling).

O.C.O: How long have you been in the beauty business?
C.J.M: I like to joke and say I was raised in a hair salon which is partially true as grew up with family owned and operated hair salons. Professionally I've been licensed for over 6 years!

O.C.O: What advice do you offer aspiring beauty professionals?
C.J.M: My best advice to an aspiring beauty professional is to find what your niche is and perfect it!

To purchase any of products mentioned, visit: http://store.damoneroberts.com/.  You can currently save 25% off ALL beauty products until the end of the month by entering the promo code FREE on their mobile app!

For east coast gals/guys needing DR on Demand contact, (212) 764-4755 or Email DRondemand@damoneroberts.com.

For west coast gals/guys contact, (310) 271-2100 or email DRondemand@damoneroberts.com. Or visit Damone Roberts Beverly Hills




Spring Forward | Spring Refresh with Material Wrld!

Hello everyone!

I thought by March I would stop talking about the snow BUT noooo! NYC was hit with snow, rain, then snow this week. Maybe this is mother nature's way of telling us it's finally over after this week... I truly hope so, people are starting to crack! If you are like me, you are home staying cozy, window shopping online since the snow and ice still run the streets.   

Bringing up the topic of shopping, check  out my new partnership with Material Wrld. What is Material Wrld? Material Wrld is a designer fashion trade-in service that is changing the way people buy and sell clothing. Shoppers can trade in fashions they are no longer wearing for credit to shop new at popular retailers like Bloomingdales, Saks and Shopbop. Genius, isn't it?!

Here's my advice to you, yes it's winter outside but Spring is coming! Why not do yourself a favor and  refresh your spring wardrobe by trading-in luxury fashions at MaterialWrld.com? It's time to clean out that closet anyway, truly a no brainer:

o Material Wrld’s innovative trade-in service makes it seamless to constantly refresh your closet and make space for new clothing

o Promote conscious consumption by trading in gently worn luxury clothing and handbags in exchange for new items at your favorite retailers (view our accepted brand list here)

o Offline resale is a hassle. Consignment and thrift stores require in-person drop offs with low payout and no price transparency – Material Wrld’s innovative online trade-in service is simple, fast, FREE and fun. Plus, we offer FREE valet pick-up for NYC residents (minimum of 10 trade-in items required).

o Immediate Gratification: Unlike consigning, MW customers get paid instantly via gift cards. No more waiting until items sell!

o Convenient: Unlike marketplace listings, MW takes care of listing, photography, pricing and shipping!

o Make An Impact: we match 10% of each gift card offer as a contribution a charity of your choice. 

To sum up everything I just wrote, it's a win-win for everyone.  As a gift to you guys, use code: AKOSUAH512 for an extra $25 for your first trade, just sign up and see how rad Material Wrld is!

Happy Shopping!