Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Anti-resolutions

Happy New Year!

It's 2012 everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday! I did, I am so grateful for the family and friend's in my life, I love them all! 

Here is me playing with my Christmas/Kwanzaa gift my parents got me, the Iphone 4s baby!

I have been seeing a lot of new year's resolutions on facebook and twitter.  I have been anti-New Year's resolution.  They are broken so quickly and consistently that we make them without any expectation whatsoever that we’ll still be doing them come February.  I overheard a conversation on the bus a few days ago where a man basically told his friend his New Year’s Resolution was to exercise more, but he probably wouldn’t because “you know how New Year’s Resolutions are.”  So he literally told his resolution and that he also wouldn’t keep it in once sentence! Ha ha!  The mindset with which people approach their New Year’s Resolutions is all wrong.  

I offer you all an alternative: Anti-resolutions: add something to your life. 

Here are a few of mine:

  • Sleep more
  • Smile when I wake up
  • Get a mani/pedi once a week
  • Get a massage once a month
  • Wear more color (I tend to wear more grays and blues)
  • Get to work on time
  • Plan afterwork Martini Monday's and Karaoke Wednesdays
  • Attend more kick ass houseparties with my awesome friend's
  • More random Thursday & Friday night's 
  • Commit random, spontaneous acts of kindness.
  • Make more vision/inspiration boards for my goals and personal style as shown below
  • Go to  regional comic cons! Ha!
    • Be thankful for what is
    What are your anti-resolutions? Please share!


    Harris Duo!!

    Hey guys

    How did everyone spend their Hurricane weekend? Mines was good, I caught up on the September Issues, a few comic books and watched the original Star Wars trilogy (the prequels minus episode 3 put a sour taste in my mouth).

    I did what everyone else did the Friday before the Hurricane and went out after work. I spent quality time with one of my dearest friend's which also happens to be my niece Akua. Yes, I have a niece who is more like a little sister to me (4 year age difference between us).  I thought I'd share an old school picture:

    We were modeling for our pre-school's fashion show

    Akua and I went to the Brooklyn diner at Times Square if you go try try the following :

    Fried Calamari 

    Fried House-Made Mozzarella balls-so so delish as you can tell from our happy faces :) 

    Akua also has an amazing blog The Style Qween which caters to beauty, hair, fashion, and technology. A must read that you guys should follow! I am so proud of her!

    After dinner and a few cocktails, we walked around Times Square. 

    Sonic All Stars! Holla!
    We went to the game section at Toys R' Us.  This brought back memories again from my childhood, I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog with my brother Nei.

    Akua got me to try this new pink shade from Make Up Forever. I am trying to get into more color for Fall when it comes to make up.

    Here is a full length picture of my outfit-I got the Tracy Reese dress at Beacon's closest 2 years ago it is my favorite summer staple! Also wearing an H & M jacket and a Marc Jacobs bag I got from ebay.