Jumpin Jack Flash

Hi everyone!

I managed to squeeze time to shoot one outfit I wore during NYFW. I was in Chelsea on my way to Pier 59 Studios to catch Karolyn Pho's show.

                                         Jumpsuit: Marshalls,  Blazer: H&M, Necklace: Julie Vos, Ring: House Of Harlow,                                                            Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Rag & Bone

                                         Jumpsuit: Marshalls,  Blazer: H&M, Necklace: Julie Vos, Ring: House Of Harlow,

                                                           Sunglasses: Rayban, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Rag & Bone

I am happy to see the jumpsuit is making a comeback, a steal at Marshall's yes Marshall's! Paired with a blazer, my favorite boots, and my new favorite accessory.

Yes I joined the bandwagon and invested in a Chanel bag, yes it is real lol. Thank you Katherine for selling it to me. It does enhance any outfit! I love this vintage design because it is unique and it stands out from the typical blogger uniform. I tend to shy away from bags that are too trendy, I usually find myself seeing a bag and remember the year it came out. As I get older I rather have timeless pieces instead of "in the moment" pieces.

Photography by Steve Zak

Photography by Steve Zak

Also want to give a big shout out to my photographer Steve who has been on top of me regarding shoots, I was going to delay it yet again but I am happy I didn't.



NYFW September 2014-Roundup Part 2

Hi guys

Fashion week has come to a close! LOL Bye Felicia! It was a blast, I was happy to attend a huge variety of shows this season from girly, rock n' roll, and everything in between!

Show 1: Mara Hoffman Spring 15

I got one picture on my phone, a phone pic doesn't give this collection justice. I was honored to be there!

I was happy I actually took a cab to this show as I heard a lot of people didn't get in due to the space being over crowded. Again, a smart phone doesn't give this collection justice. How does Mara know what I want to wear next year? That's a gift!

Mara named her Spring 15 collection "The Sunrisers,” the collection drew influence from the South-West, with modern cream colored cowboy hats, white and pastel shades.

Show #2 Sherman Preston

After Mara's show I jetted to Chelsea to check out the new men's collection from Sherman Preston.  

 Titled: COVEY, the spring 15 collection redefined the use of houndstooth, designing the timeless print into tailored pieces.  The presentation was styled by  Mitsu Tsuchiya of NYLON Magazine. Major win!


Show #3 Karolyn Pho

"VAGABOND"  was the title Karolyn Pho's sophomore collection.  The show began with a quote from Joanne Harris novel "The Girl With No Shadow": She always had that about her/that look of otherness/of eyes that see things much too far/and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world."  This off beat theme was seen in mechanic inspired jumpsuits, sequined party dresses, and white dresses styled with oversized sunglasses!

Maria Ke Fisherman’s Spring 15 collection was inspired by the “imperviousness of innocence and youth in the fractal city.” In this densely populated city, where criminal gangs suppose the only order, one young girl is saved by the last firefighter.  I can totally dig it, the hair for this show was the best!  The sporty black and white arrangement was took me to another world, waiting for next spring ha ha!

Honorable mention:

Fashion Week is a time to celebrate the creativity of NY and it's  New Yorker's, check out the latest from CustomSocietyLLC:

That's my runway recap I am doing one more fashion week related posts on the events I've attended then it will truly be "Bye Felicia" ha ha!


NYFW September 2014-Roundup Part 1

Hey guys!

How is everyone's September so far? Back to school, back to work, and Fashion Week (NYFW)! I do apologize for the late post, going to shows, work, and also starting school was very interesting last week to say the least but exciting! Enough about me let's get to the shows, I have attended so far!

Show #1: Tia Cibani

Inspired by 1970s exoticism and North African craft, Tia Chibani's Spring/Summer 15 collection has enigmatic allure and earthy femininity. Spice colors of Saffron, Anise, and Cayenne meld into one another seamlessly, whole Indigo and Sesame are combing into dip dye effects of various depths and techniques. I really dug the title of her collection: Mabrouka: celebrate, abundant, blessed.

Show #2: Nelson Tavarez

Next I headed up to 60th and Lex to view the 4th collection of newcomer Nelson Tavarez.   His 43 piece collection was inspired by the modern industrial architecture; which created 15 looks. I loved how he combined different textures and synthetics:  techno stretch nylon, silk georgette, Matte Jersey, power mesh, cotton tulle and fishnet mesh. Intricate tailoring, sexy and refined silhouettes offering a gamut of new shapes and styles in shades of black.

Show #3: Jay Godfrey

The next day was pretty busy, getting a last minute invite made me rush to Jay Godfrey showing at the early to get a few snaps. Guests were treated to live music performed live Idgy Dean.  All the models moved slowly while changing poses to fit in with the theme of the show.Western Boho was the theme, there was plenty of hay but a lot of style to be had! That fringe jacket though!

photo 1.PNG

Show #4: Meden

I always believe in supporting another collegue's events. So when Megan from Belles and Rebelles email's me about coming to see a new collection she consulted for, I couldn't say no! After the brief visit at Jay Godfrey at the Hudson hotel and with the help from Uber, I made it on time to catch Meden's show.  Meden’s spring collection was inspired by both fine and mechanical art. It featured an array of dresses in laser-cut leather appliqués in a pretty range of ocean and sunset hues.

Show #5: Desigual

After sunbathing in sunset hues at Meden, I headed back to Lincoln Center to catch the latest from Desigual.  I was happy to get a seat to the show and get transported to Latin America! The collection was vibrant, colorful, and full of life. The collection can really be described in one world=FUN. And yes that is Adriana Lima on the left, I managed to get a decent picture of her, everytime she walked, there was someone blocking my way, go figure.

photo 5.JPG

That is the first round up of the shows I have attended so far! While rushing to shows at Lincoln Center, I was one of the fortunate to get photographed, so flattered!

Next post will be part 2 and a dedicated post to the events I have attended this fashion week. I want to give a special thanks to all the public relations pros who sent me invites to shows and events, I am truly grateful.

Stay tuned!