What is great about NYFW in recent years are the brands that are willing to take a risk and do something different.  Two brands that have stood out so far are CHROMAT and JAY GODFREY.

CHROMAT had their SS16 show at Milk Studios, a proper for as their inspiration for the 2016 woman is to "empower the body" by using intelligence capabilities to monitor performance through clothes. A dress that stood out to me was the Adrenaline Dress. The dress is powered by Intel and is made up of 3D printed panels and expandable carbon fiber framework.  When the dress senses adrenaline, the framework extends into a large wing shape. So cray! Totally something from a Tim Burton Batman Movie!

The show also featured two curvy models, highlighting diversity that is a long standing argument in the fashion industry. It's refreshing to see this, as we are flooded with Instagram posts of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on the runways.

Jay Godfrey's Spring 2016 is inspired by the work of the late interior designer and architect David Collins. Godfrey's designs highlight David Collins' use of simplicity and architectural lines. Keeping to his inspiration of the New York woman in mind, Godfrey melds the classic tailoring techniques of Savile Row with modern silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. The monochromatic collection paid tribute to Collins' work by using different shades of white, ivory, alabaster and cream.  

The runways have been screaming out "POP of COLOR", Godfrey stuck to his design principal and what the actual NYC woman wears in the spring.  He could have swam where the fish were swimming, he didn't. Rock on Jay!

Jay Godfrey photos by: Dan Lecca Photography

Jay Godfrey photos by: Dan Lecca Photography

Have you guys been seeing the shows, any favs so far? Do tell!



Snaps, Apps, Style=Snap+Style Launch Party

Hello Peeps

We are right in the middle of NYFW, and I didn’t post jack squat smh lol a damn shame! I apologize and to make up for it, this post is a little longer than usual :)

NYFW in September usually showcases Spring/Summer collections for the following year. Brands also use this as a time to promote fall launches as well.  The day before NYFW, I attended the launch for the rad new app SNAP+STYLE.  SNAP + STYLE Gives Women Real-Time Access To Their Own Professional Stylist.  The app creates a two-way dialogue between clients and a community of stellar S+S stylists with editorial, celebrity and brand experience.

The stylists offer personalized, spot-on fashion recommendations that pair items from women's wardrobes with apparel for purchase. All at the snap of a pic and a touch of a screen. In real time, yes real time. It’s one of the most useful fashion apps, I have seen in a long time.  SNAP+STYLE is now available for free to download on the Apple iOS App Store and iTunes. Click here to download: http://apple.co/1g5bL4d

The app decided to use NY Fashion Week celebrate with their newly appointed brand ambassador, Louise Roe. Hosting along with founder Anna Jensen and joined by a cadre of friends, fashion influencers and bloggers including Jamie Chung.

It was the first time, I attended an event at the Penthouse of Milk Studios, the views and the atmosphere was unbelievable!

My dear friend Candy Washington (future WCW post coming soon) was also in attendance, it was a rad time.  Candy is now based in LA, she was my Brooklyn buddy it’s always a treat when we visit one another!

Another post coming right up! Happy Fashion week everyone!



WCW-Victoria Gousse-Real Estate Muse

It is Wednesday, peeps, and you know what that means: Women Crush Wednesday! Today’s post is real estate professional/blogger: Victoria “Vickie” Gousse. Vickie happens to be one my best friends. We met in high school and have remained close friends to this day. We ran our school like Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl. Well, at least, in our heads we did, ha ha!  She was the Wilma to my Betty, the Ethel to my Lucy, and the Gina to my Pam. She was my partner in crime and I am so grateful to have her in my life after all of these years. 

When we graduated, Vickie went on to study at Fordham University and has worked in the real estate industry for 10 years. She is absolutely amazing and I am very excited to share her story with you and tell you exactly what makes her rad! Vickie has had great success as a real estate professional in her career. However, that is not all, she also has a blog where she writes about real estate as well as fashion. With the oversaturation of the fashion blog, this one brilliant, merging two very different genres together. I encourage all of you to go read, you will fall in love with it and learn in the process!

Now, if those are not enough reasons for Vickie to be my Woman Crush Wednesday, I have a few more for you. She is one of the few people who will still call me out if I need it. Let's be honest, we all need an awesome friend like her in our lives. I admire her so much. In a nutshell, she is driven, kind, beautiful, and creative. In between both of us coercing the other to get that “must have item of the week” lol, we managed to pull this Q & A together, enjoy!

O.C.O: Why real estate? What about the industry gave you a connection "BAM" this is what I want to do?

V.G: I started my real estate career as a temp in college, doing marketing for Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects in NYC. When I discovered the lengths that cities and states go to, in order help developers create affordable housing for those in need, I thought it was very special and something that I wanted to incorporate into my career. Its not just real estate, its public policy, and it directly impacted the quality of people's lives.

O.C.O: How do you keep a balance of being fashionable, yet dressing appropriate for the work place?

V.G: The basics of being fashionable is to know who you are and how you want to project yourself to the world. From there, invest in some business wear basics such as a good blazer, high-waisted slacks, and a great watch. Keep it conservative and don't over-accessorize- I'd say that's a good place to start.

O.C.O: What made you decide to start your blog?

V.G: I have a very creative spirit, and it comes across in the way I dress and the way I work everyday. So I wanted to find a way to bring real estate concepts to audiences in a way that was stylish, contemporary, and that incorporated my love of fashion.

O.C.O: With shows like the Million Dollar Listing Franchise inspiring many to draw their hand in the real estate game, do you think this is helping or hurting the real estate industry?

V.G: It certainly makes real estate brokerage more entertaining than I ever imagined! And it’s also helping to recruit lots of aspiring real estate dealmakers and professionals.

O.C.O: Last article of clothing/accessory you have purchased?

V.G: A matching 2 piece knit top and wide legged pant from Zara. The pants fit like a glove and the fabric feels so smooth, I can't wait until the weather is cool enough to wear them. 

O.C.O: What/Who inspires you?

V.G: Being in New York City everyday inspires me. The mixture of old and new architecture, the unique economic drivers behind real estate projects and the availability of the best in design and fashion really keeps me inspired to do and learn more everyday.

O.C.O: What advice would you give someone who wants to break into the world of real estate?

V.G: Do your research. When people think of real estate, they may only imagine the work of a real estate agent. But the real estate industry is vast, spanning from property managers, real estate developers, fund managers, asset managers, lawyers, and accountants to residential and commercial real estate brokers that help us lease, buy and sell all the properties you see around you. Each of these professions requires different skills and education levels. So I would recommend they do research to determine their areas of interest, read the real estate publications and familiarize themselves with the movers and shakers in those fields.

O.C.O: Outlets like Refinery 29 and Time Out NY are writing about real estate developments and the glamour of them. Where do you see the real estate industry in the next 5-10 years?

V.G: In order to keep buildings close to full occupancy at all times, real estate owners are relying more and more on technology to find their next tenants, to manage revenue and to keep marketing efforts going. I see the industry increasingly merging technology and social media into their operating platforms.

O.C.O: Favorite Vickie/Kosi moment in High School? ;)

V.G: Doing our stage rendition of the "PopStars" audition in our senior year, we were competing for who's V.G: the best member of the group and your name was "Koko Shavita-Jones", I crack up everytime I think about it!

Yes and I posted up that embarrassing pic of us as “PopStars”, my eyebrows were cray haha! Follow Vickie on Instagram, Bloglovin, and Twitter