Tale as Old as Time 🌹

Hi friends! 

In between final projects I'm making time for some fun along the way! I had the opportunity to see Beauty and The Beast last night, it was fantastic! Belle is one of my favorite Disney characters she was smart, kind, stuck up to others, and was very clever! I mean she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth like Snow White and the other desperate princesses. And the fact she was not a princess to begin with she was independent, caring and self reliant!

The casting, the diversity in characters, the new backstory, the costumes, all of it was amazing. I'm excited to take my nieces to see it this Spring! 

The fashion industry has gotten Beauty and The Beast fever as well.  Check out a few of my favs below: 

Christopher Kane released his limited edition collection that will be sold at Primark.  Drawn to Belle’s every-girl charm, the collection focuses on clothes with real-world appeal—biker jackets and transparent blouses as opposed to oversize ball gowns. “I liked that she wasn’t a princess,” said Kane. “I know that now everyone now considers her a princess, but to me she was just a normal girl who went off and had an adventure. She dreamed of more for herself and had aspirations.”  These are my favs from the debut:

In the midst of snow storms, finals, deadlines, it was a real treat to see Beauty and The Beast last night. It makes you go back to your childhood when things were much simpler and less drama ha ha!