Really Nivea?

Hi guys!

How is the weekend going? I came across this advertisement on At first, I didn't understand the headline until I saw the picture:

Seeing this made me think about the SNL weekend update skits "Really?" I thought this topic deserved a "Really?" 

  1. Really Nivea? Maybe this ad would be great in Texas where copywriter Billy Bob thought of the idea but did you forget about the other states? NYC? California? Just any state besides Texas? 
  2. Hey clean shaven model? Did they offer you a lifetime supply of Nivea? How's is it working out? Are you civilized? Really? 
  3. Still on the model, Uncle Tom called he wants his sweater back.
  4. Really Nivea? You had to get a mannequin head that looks angry? And we are not supposed to think this isn't a tiny bit racist? Really! 
  5. You're spokesperson Rihanna is a black woman, did Billy Bob in copywriting forget? 
  6. Nivea, did you forget it's 2011 not 1961? Does the ghost of Jim Crow haunt the Nivea offices? Call the ghostbusters.
  7. And finally, I don't know what is so civilized about a throwing heads in parking lots? Did the model decapitate the head before?   So Nivea created a very racist ad that doesn't make sense on top of that? My solution call Reverend Sharpton and fire Billy Bob. 
Writer Justin Frenner of Styleite wrote a powerful response. It hit close to home for him, since he is a black male and actually was a frequent user of Nivea's products.  

One point he made that I wanted to share: "Growing out my hair hasn’t precluded me from getting a job or doing it well. Letting myself get a little scruffy on weekends doesn’t mean I can’t tell which spoon I’m supposed to use for the sugar bowl at brunch on Sundays. Add as much as I love fashion, there are days when I dress like I don’t give a damn, largely because sometimes I just don’t. But I’m not any more likely to shoot someone in cold blood on those days than I am on days when I’m wearing a coat and tie. And neither is anyone else."

Here is the link to the rest of the article:

In response to Justin's article, Nivea pulled the ad.  What made them think this was a good idea to begin with? What a PR disaster! Thoughts?