The Cast: The Authentic Rock 'N' Roll stop shop

Hey guys

Came across a great NY/Commerce site: The Cast.  The Cast is a lower east side Men's/Women's clothing label and retail shop. It is a go-to for anyone wanting an update in their wardrobe but want something authentic. The brand specializes in leather, denim, vintage, records, and other rock 'n' roll necessities. 

I purchased the Pirate Skull Cap tee yesterday, I can't wait to get it delivered this week to use for an outfit post:

A few more of their shirts, Madonna wore the "Bitch Club" tee recently. The prices are great!

They are known for their custom leather creations all made in New York City. I was drooling over this leather vest, that I plan to use my next commission check to get mid October. I love that the item can be personalized from the color, texture and buttons. I plan to get it in black, haven't worked out the other details yet. 
As I get older that I want garments that are unique and not what everyone else has but also I can wear 10 years from now. As a professional in the fashion industry and dealing with leather in the past this is a great price for a custom made leather piece :) 
Photo taken from the tumblr page of The Cast: 

I had two people ask me about this Budweiser bathing suit when I posted on twitter. I hope they make more soon, I would love one myself!

All photos taken from, be a fan of their facebook & twitter pages!

Next time you are downtown check out The Cast you won't be disappointed or shop online!