Taking it All In

Happy Monday Peeps!

August is upon us, only 5 more months until 2015 is over! So cray!  I feel like 2015 just began! It has been a great 2015 so far: scored my first Vogue placement in April, had a rad vacation, got a few personal projects off the ground, challenging myself taking on new projects outside of my arena, and completed my first year of grad school.

Yesterday I was invited to my lovely friend Karina’s home; Karina is such a talented knitwear designer and illustrator. It was such a privilege working with her and I always admired how patient and kind she is.  Karina showed me her rad as f*c@k rooftop, so beautiful!! I am a sucker for an amazing view: rooftop, water, garden you name it. 

Looking out into the city, I really took in where I am in my life right now; it’s a great feeling to not feel so pressured and to really give yourself that pat on the back. Haha, great job Kos!

I had to take in a few shots, it is PATHETIC I have not done an outfit post since my birthday in May lol. This dress is one of my personal favs that I purchased at a trade show close to 5 years ago; the chevron multi colored design makes the dress so versatile.  The dress can be pair with flats or pumps.  The blue pumps I’m wearing, was one of those once in a lifetime finds at Beacons Closet.  So glad I found them before someone else snatched them up. It is downright shameful for the lack of outfit posts haha, I am going to do better, I promise. Enjoy! 


Photography by Karina Mazzilli