Happy Birthday Akua!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I wanted to wish my niece Akua (check out her blog A Stylish Jedi) a happy 25th birthday lol Yes she's 25 today! 

Akua and I grew up more like sisters than aunt and niece.  Here are a few pics of us and our family throughout the years:

Akua and I 
Akua and her mom/my sister Katika at graduation

At Disney World
At my sister's wedding. From left: Me, The bride India, Akua, Katika, Mom, and our friend Angie
At Katika's wedding

Christmas 06'
At brunch
I'm grateful to have Akua in my life and I do see her more as a sister than niece. Even when we are old and grey I will still say the following: Akua, say yay (inside joke when we were kids).

I love you Akua! I am looking forward to the hijinks this weekend! 

Thank you Katika for the photos.