Illustrations by Lillian Jang

Hi guys!

I have been obsessed by these illustrations that have been popping up on my Instagram feed:

                                                                        Cara Delevingne   |   @CaraDelevingne

                                                                        Cara Delevingne   |   @CaraDelevingne

                                                                       Negin Mirsalehi   |   @neginmirsalehi

                                                                       Negin Mirsalehi   |   @neginmirsalehi

                                                                                Shea Marie   |   @ peaceloveshea

                                                                                Shea Marie   |   @peaceloveshea

                                                                        Oscar de la Renta   |   @ oscarprgirl

                                                                        Oscar de la Renta   |   @oscarprgirl

Who is the artist? I started to investigate and found her! The talented illustrator is Lillian Jang. Lillian is a fashion design student at Parson's in NYC (fashion school students unite!). I asked Jang for a moment of her time to ask about her past, present and future.

O.C.O: How long have you been drawing?

L.J:  I have been drawing since I was able to write. Or maybe earlier, I can't remember. All I know is I always enjoyed drawing more than I enjoyed writing.

O.C.O: What inspires you?

L.J: All the other artists, especially the young aspiring artists, inspire me. When I see them working hard to take their interest and turn them into passion, I want to work just as hard as them.

O.C.O: Who are your favorite bloggers? Why?

L.J: I have to say that I personally love the style of Rumi Neely. I like to dress down, as minimal as possible, and am afraid of wearing color (it's actually kind of easier this way when I'm rushing to class after sleeping in), so she is my style icon of all times. If I weren't so afraid to wear color, however, I would love to dress like Miroslava Duma. She's amazing!

O.C.O: Name one article of clothing you can't live without?

L.J: I cannot live without my plain black top because... You can never go wrong with a plain black top! When I feel like dressing down, I style it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute clutch, and when I feel like dressing up, I style it with a signature necklace and tuck it into a cute high-waisted skirt.

O.C.O: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

L.J: In five years, I will be graduated from Parsons the New School for Design and hopefully have started my own line. (I am actually a fashion design student!) I also plan to continue doing fashion illustrations on the side for as long as I can.

O.C.O: What is your advice to someone wanting to start a blog/business?

L.J: Honestly, I never even thought people would enjoy my illustrations this much. I just started my blog for fun but seeing people enjoy my drawings motivated me to draw more and work harder. From this, I learned that as long as you don't give up on your passion and continue to keep moving forward, you can always achieve what you want. Just don't forget why you started to do what you do!

To have Lillian do a custom illustration, they are available to purchase here. It is the perfect gift for the fashionable friend in your life. I cannot wait to see the illustration Lillian is doing for me :)

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