WCW: Jordan Dene of Jordandené

You may have seen me post about the rad Jordandené brand on my social media pages, I love her tees! They have been my staple for working out and going out!  I have followed the founder Jordane Dene for a while and met her at Potter Con last summer.   No surprised that I brought three tees!  The tees are super soft and great to layer with a blazer or cardigan!

Founder Jordan Dene in  February's Shirt of the Month Tee

Founder Jordan Dene in February's Shirt of the Month Tee

What is so rad about products at Jordandené is that, they are geek inspired but they are subtle enough to wear everyday!  The collection of tees, aprons, and houseware are comprised of quotes from a variety of geek universes: Star Wars, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.  

O.C.O: What inspired you to create the Jordandene brand? 

J.D: Jordandené started as a need to combine good design with my favorite nerdy things. I felt like most of the geeky products I wanted to buy weren’t very feminine or very flattering or honestly didn’t look very good, and I wanted to change that!

O.C.O: You have a rad range of universes for a nerd to choose from, which two are your favorite?

J.D: My favorite universes are absolutely Harry Potter and Marvel

O.C.O: How do you select the t-shirt of the month?

J.D: The shirt of the month is usually based on a design or fandom I want to experiment with. Because it’s only available for thirty days, I have a bit more freedom to try out something that may or may not be incredibly successful. Sometimes the ideas come from e-mails or comments from my sweet customers, and sometimes they’re ideas I love but don’t have room to permanently add them to the website.

O.C.O: If you had the chance to dress your favorite fandom actor or actress who would it be?

J.D: I would freak out if I got to dress Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood).

O.C.O: What advice would you give for aspiring entrepreneurs?

J.D: My best advice for new entrepreneurs is to find a group of people to support you. Thanks to the Internet, there are so many communities of other small business owners to join, and their advice will make the biggest difference. (My favorite one is http://thinkcreativecollective.com/). I love being able to bounce ideas off other people who understand the industry, as well as trade advice on new social platforms, marketing ideas, and organizational tools. Plus, you can all help support each other’s businesses!

Photo credit: templetonhonorscollege.com

Photo credit: templetonhonorscollege.com

NYC Friend’s! Jordan will be part of the Geek Girls do Galantine’s Day panel on February 13th at The Strand!  The event includes refreshments by Maison Kayser and an opportunity to purchase Jordandené products as well! Buy ticket’s here.