My Jem Moment

Hey everyone!

Summer is coming to an end, I am not really sad about it.. it was a great summer the best I had in a very long time.  The weather was gorgeous, I got into a lightsaber battle, and found myself thriving in my new position. I am looking forward to fall, wearing my leather jackets again, NY Fashion Week, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Sports (Knicks and Giants fans stands up), and NY Comic Con!

I have been holding on to this dress since the springtime and I finally had a chance to wear it for a dinner meeting last week. The dress is vintage from Loveday31, I spotted it on their Instagram feed and immediately asked if I can purchase it on the phone. No real occasion for it at the time, I just know I wanted a piece like that in my closet for something! The dress is rad and different from what I had in my closet: not many brights. 

The dress also reminds me of what would Jem and the Holograms wear if they were in 2014? Mines a more sophisticated version lol, where do I sign up?

Dress:  Loveday31 , Shoes:  Nasty Gal , Bracelet:  David Yurman , Sunglasses:  Ran-Ban , Clutch:  Phillip Noel

Dress: Loveday31, Shoes: Nasty Gal, Bracelet: David Yurman, Sunglasses: Ran-Ban, Clutch: Phillip Noel

I always pair a dress that has so much color in it with accessories that are on the muted side.  That's a personal styling tip of mine when wearing a printed dress or mixing prints go muted on accessories.  My Phillip Noel clutch is my go to staple a style that can be worn all year round, I am getting a bright color from his growing collection this fall!

Photography by  Steve Zak

Photography by Steve Zak

I am looking forward to labor day weekend: oysters, Sin City 2, and fall shopping are on the agenda.   The goal is to relax and have fun, no thinking allowed since I start grad school next week and it's also NY fashion week, ha! Exciting and hectic at the same time! Truly Outrageous! 

How is everyone else enjoying the last days of summer? Any plans for fall? Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!